Standard Warranty

Printer Models: GEN2 Universal™, GEN2™, GEN2 VST®, PSA-66-ST, PSA-66-001N, PSA-66-VST

The GEN3 Evolution, GEN2 Universal, GEN2 VST Universal, GEN2, GEN2 VST, PSA-66-ST, PSA-66-001N, and PSA-66-VST thermal printer units (“unit”) are warranted against defects of workmanship or materials for a period of two (2) years from the date of manufacturing. FutureLogic, at its option and by resources of its choosing, will either replace or repair units whose workmanship or materials are defective without charge. This warranty is void for units which: [a] have not been stored or operated in a temperature range according their specifications, [b] have been severely handled so as to cause mechanical damage to the unit, [c] have been connected to or disconnected from its host system while the power is on (“hot swapping”) {GEN2 excepted}, [d] operated or handled in a manner inconsistent with reasonable treatment of an electronic product, [e] have their input/output ports exposed to signals exceeding specified absolute maximum ratings, and/or [f] have used tickets purchased from unauthorized ticket converters or used tickets made from non-qualified paper in the printers. Please refer to the “Support” section at where you will find Authorized Gaming Ticket Converters and FutureLogic Ticket Specifications.

FutureLogic does not warrant that the actual operation of the unit is accurately represented in the manuals or documentation related to the unit. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that the actual operation and form of the unit meets their intended use of the unit.

In no event will FutureLogic be liable for any loss or inconvenience, or any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages that are in any way related to this warranty, representations and the unit, express or implied, including no warranties as to the fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability of the unit.

The origin of warranty date is determined by the lot date on the serial number sticker. To return a defective unit, the customer is responsible for obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number and shipping the defective unit to FutureLogic. FutureLogic will be responsible for return shipment of warranty covered units to customer or customer’s assignee.

This is a complete and full statement of the warranty for the unit and supersedes any and all other warranties or representations.