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The innovative PSA-66-ST thermal printing subassembly was created specifically to meet the requirements of cashless gaming machines and has single-handedly transformed the gaming industry into what it is today. The PSA-66-ST requires less maintenance and is more reliable than any impact technology printer. While the printer operates for the entire service life of the gaming machine, no consumables other than paper are ever needed.

And, unlike sheetfed paper, the fanfold, perforated voucher paper stock loads quickly and provides a consistent and clear output, making the PSA-66-ST ideal for printing bar codes containing security and other critical data.

In addition to the higher reliability and quality, the PSA-66-ST was designed to readily install into most gaming machines and is offered with a variety ofbezels for adapting to various mechanical design parameters.

Undisputed Market Leader
Advanced Printer Technology
High Reliability & Quality
Low Maintenance
Two-Year Factory Warranty

PSA-66-ST Specifications (PDF):