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The CouponXpress™ desktop TITO/coupon printer builds on the technology that has made FutureLogic the leading manufacturer of TITO printers – bringing all of the popular GEN2 Universal™ printer’s features, functions and flexibility from the game to the cashier’s cage, hotel front desk, unattended kiosks and other transaction points.

Compatible with traditional gaming protocols as well as new USB communications, The CouponXpress printer enables fast, convenient TITO transactions, such as ticket purchases, consolidation, or replacement of torn or crumpled tickets. It can also be used to distribute targeted promotional coupons at different venues – such as at the concierge desk, gas station, gift shop, or hotel rooms – to reward, retain or recruit casino patrons.

Housed in an attractive and rugged cabinet, the CouponXpress printer provides the convenience, flexibility and reliable performance needed for effective coupon campaigns. Fast 3.5 inch per second printing, large ticket storage capacity, and ITH® (Intelligent Ticket Handling) technology combine to maximize the CouponXpress printer’s uptime and reliability. Additionally, high-resolution two-color printing and storage for hundreds of clip art objects and thousands of graphic templates facilitates ticket customization and branding.

Universal Communications
Can be Configured to Handle 2 Communication Ports - USB and RS232 (Ethernet Optional)
Reliable Performance
ITH® (Intelligent Ticket Handling) technology virtually eliminates ticket jams by making ticket available only after it’s been fully printed and burst
Superior Electro-Mechanical Design
High Reliability and Easy Maintenance
ProColor™ Printing
Exceptional 2-Color Imaging Technology
Fast Printing Speed
Prints and Presents in 2.2 Seconds
Large Fill Capacity
Stores up to 300 Tickets
Expanded Graphics Memory
Stores Hundreds of Clip Art Objects and Thousands of Graphic Templates

CouponXpress™ Specifications (PDF):